Molecular Foundry: Theory of Nanostructures | David Prendergast

David Prendergast

Staff Scientist
Theory of Nanostructured Materials Facility

2002 Ph.D., Physics, University College Cork, Ireland
1999 B.Sc., Physics and Mathematics, University College Cork, Ireland

Professional History:
2007-present Staff Scientist, Materials Sciences Division, LBNL
2005-2007 Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Physics, UC Berkeley and Chemical Sciences Division, LBNL
2002-2005 Postdoctoral Fellow, Quantum Simulations Group, LLNL

David Prendergast is a staff scientist at The Molecular Foundry, one of five US Department of Energy Nanoscale Science Research Centers. These are National User Facilities for Nanoscience which serve academic, government and industrial research with their multidisciplinary expertise and capabilities. Dr. Prendergast is the Facility Director for the Theory of Nanostructured Materials at The Molecular Foundry since 2012. He has a PhD in Physics from University College Cork, Ireland (2002). He worked as a postdoc at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory with Prof. Giulia Galli (currently at the University of Chicago) and on the UC Berkeley Campus and at Berkeley Lab with Prof. Steven G. Louie. His current research focuses on developments and applications of first-principles electronic structure theory in the context of energy-relevant phenomena in materials and chemistry. He has particular expertise in the simulation and interpretation of synchrotron X-ray spectroscopy measurements as a means of connecting characterization of complex interfacial systems to atomistic or molecular scale structural and dynamical models.

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Research Interests

Current research is concentrated on predicting x-ray absorption spectra of a wide range of materials from first principles and developing new and efficient approaches to electronic structure problems. I have developed a parameter-free, predictive approach to simulating and interpreting x-ray spectra and I am currently applying it to molecular and condensed phase systems, functional interfaces and nanoscale phenomena.

I am also developing more efficient computational approaches to the calculation of excited state properties. Electron addition and removal energies, computed with the GW approximation, and electron-hole excited states, computed by solving the Bethe- Salpeter equation (BSE), are prohibitively expensive for large systems. By using a more compact representation for the electron Hamiltonian, I reduce the overall cost of such calculations.

Applications are to a range of energy-relevant phenomena and materials systems, as dictated by current funding and multiple user projects and collaborations at the Molecular Foundry and the Advanced Light Source. I am particularly interested in the details of practical atomistic and electronic structure simulations of electrochemical interfaces (as found in batteries and photoelectrochemical devices), energy conversion processes and ultrafast phenomena.

Postdoctoral research focused on optically excited states in metallic carbon nanotubes using the GW-BSE approach. I have also explored the electronic properties of water and aqueous systems in ground and excited states using density functional theory, with particular application to the theoretical prediction of x-ray absorption spectra of liquid water at ambient conditions. Also, I have analyzed the impact of aqueous solvation on the characteristics of optically active molecules and silicon nanostructures. Graduate research centered on developing efficient algorithmic tools to aid in the optimization of many-body wave functions for use in quantum Monte Carlo calculations, with particular application to assessing differences in the form of electron correlation in diamond and graphite.


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