Steve Whitelam

Staff Scientist
Theory Facility, Molecular Foundry
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
(510) 495-2769

2004 Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics, Linacre College, University of Oxford. Supervised by Juan P. Garrahan and David Sherrington

2001 MPhys, Trinity College, University of Oxford

1991-1997 Dunblane High School, Dunblane, Scotland

Research interests

Statistical mechanics and machine learning; nanoscale dynamics and self-assembly

Former group members

  • Dr. Dina Mirijanian (2009-2012). Dina developed an atomistic forcefield for peptoid polymers.
  • Dr. Lester Hedges (2010-2014). Lester studied fundamental aspects of self-assembly and nucleation.
  • Dr. Tom Haxton (2010-2015). Tom worked on fundamental aspects of protein crystallization, self-assembly at surfaces, and peptoid assembly.
  • Dr. Ranjan Mannige (2012-2016). Ranjan studied the self-assembly of peptoid nanomaterials and metal-organic frameworks.
  • Dr. Joyjit Kundu (2014-2017). Joyjit studied fundamental aspects of the dynamics of carbon capture within solid frameworks.
  • Dr. Zdenek Preisler (2016-2019). Zdenek worked on molecular self-assembly at surfaces and gas capture in metal-organic frameworks.
  • Dr. John Edison (2015-2018). John studied gas capture in metal-organic frameworks and the self-assembly of peptoid nanomaterials
  • Dr. Katie Klymko (2013-2018) Katie worked on pattern formation and rare events in driven and growing systems.
  • Katie Deeg (2014-2019) Katie worked on metal-organic framework formation with our group and with Berend Smit at UC Berkeley.

Online tools

  • Tom Haxton's MF-CG-TOID-MC is software to initialize, simulate, and analyze Monte Carlo simulations of the Molecular Foundry Coarse-grained Model for Peptoids
  • Lester Hedges' is a simple C++ library for doing dynamic (virtual-move Monte Carlo) simulations of interacting particles


  • Learning to grow: control of material self-assembly using evolutionary reinforcement learning, Steve Whitelam and Isaac Tamblyn, Phys. Rev. E 101, 052604 (2020)
  • Hysteresis curves reveal the microscopic origin of cooperative CO2 adsorption in diamine-appended metal-organic frameworks, John R. Edison, Rebecca L. Siegelman, Zdenek Preisler, Joyjit Kundu, Jeffrey R. Long, Stephen Whitelam, preprint here
  • Watch and learn -- a generalized approach for transferrable learning in deep neural networks via physical principles, Kyle Sprague, Juan Carrasquilla, Steve Whitelam, Isaac Tamblyn, preprint here
  • Optimizing thermodynamic trajectories using evolutionary reinforcement learning, C. Beeler, U. Yahorau, R. Coles, K. Mills, S. Whitelam, I. Tamblyn, preprint Phys. Rev. E 100, 052139 (2019)
  • Direct evaluation of dynamical large-deviation rate functions using a variational ansatz, D. Jacobson and S. Whitelam, preprint here
  • Simple coarse graining and sampling strategies for image recognition, S. Whitelam, preprint here
  • Stereochemistry of polypeptoid chain configurations, R.K. Spencer, G.L. Butterfoss, J.R. Edison, J.R. Eastwood, S. Whitelam, K. Kirshenbaum, R.N. Zuckermann, Biopolymers (2019)
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  • Comments

    1. Microscopic implications of competing pictures of DNA overstretching, S. Whitelam Physics of Life Reviews, Elsevier 2010 (invited comment on "Biophysical characterization of DNA binding from single molecule force measurements", by Kathy R. Chaurasiya et al.)

    Previous Positions

    2007-2008 Postdoctoral Fellow, Systems Biology Centre, University of Warwick. Supervised by Nigel Burroughs

    2004-2007 Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Chemistry, University of California at Berkeley. Supervised by Phillip L. Geissler


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